This web site is a personal repository of some documents placed here so as that the author can find them should they be needed. They are publically accessible on the off chance that they may be of use to others.

OpenBSD On A Raspberry Pi 4

This document describes how to install OpenBSD on a Raspberry Pi 4 so that it boots directly from USB without the need for a microsSD card or serial console. The EDK II UEFI firmware is used to provide EFI boot support.

Some Notes on Using Apache2 Redirect/Rewrite

This document outlines a few simple techniques for doing rule rewrites using Apache2. It's primary focus is the case where a web page is moved to a different site and a transitional redirect is desired at the original web site, specifically to a single informational web page for all URLs associated with the original location.

Setting Up A Bare Remote GIT Repository

This document outlines the process of setting up a bare "remote" GIT repository. In this case, "remote" refers to a central respository that is shared by users on the same machine where all users have the same access rights. It was written so that the author did not have to repeatedly refer back to the GIT documentation.